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The Digital Marketing Ecosystem, where to start?

  Creating a seamless user journey and an integrated customer experience is surely the ultimate goal of every marketer. However, with new devices and digital channels constantly evolving, the marketing landscape is continuously becoming more complex. And as people change their behaviors, marketers will need to react. Instead of taking the multi-channel route, businesses are…
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April 1, 2018 0
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How to leverage the latest LinkedIn feature with Marketing Automation

  It is with no doubt now that Social Media channels are essential channels when it comes to lead generation. Whether you are B2B or B2C business, social networks are now fundamental channels to shape and evolve your customer journey strategies. But the focus of this article is not write about the significance of social…
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March 11, 2018 0

Planning tool that could help you create quality content…

  A while ago whilst taking the Squared Online Course developed by Google, I came across the Content Marketing Matrix tool which I believe could be very useful for all online marketers to build balanced campaigns and create compelling content. The Content Marketing Matrix focuses on the four main purposes of content and these are to…
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October 11, 2017 0

Key Digital KPIs to Measure Channel Performance.

  The beauty of Digital Marketing lies in the fact that nearly everything can be tracked and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are quite useful metrics to help businesses understand how they are doing against objectives. The right set of KPIs will allow Digital Experts to shine light on performance and highlight areas that need attention.

July 1, 2017 0

A/B testing is great, but be careful not to damage your SEO.

  A/B split testing is a great conversion optimization technique that is used to make sure you are providing your audience with the best user experience and turn your hard won organic traffic into something more. But whether you are aiming for more email sign ups, lead generation or extra purchases, it is very important…
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April 5, 2017 0