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Planning tool that could help you create quality content…

October 11, 2017 SEO 0


A while ago whilst taking the Squared Online Course developed by Google, I came across the Content Marketing Matrix tool which I believe could be very useful for all online marketers to build balanced campaigns and create compelling content.

The Content Marketing Matrix focuses on the four main purposes of content and these are to Entertain, Inspire, Educate, and Convince. When brainstorming for content ideas, this tool will guide you to think through those four fundamental quadrants and offer you the starting point to create content that is valuable, relevant and consistent.

Working across its two dimensional matrix, this planning tool will also allow you to think of what will work best for your audience across their different cycles; whether they are passing from the awareness to purchase stage or whether their decision style is going from emotional to rational.

To give you a better understanding take a look at the below Content Marketing Matrix tool (Smart Insights source). It clarifies how different types of content formats can be best applied across the two dimensional matrix and the four content quadrants.


Inbound marketing is becoming more important than ever before and the key to succeed is to create quality content that captures people’s attention and pulls them organically towards your brand. This tool could potentially be a good start….