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7 Key Tactics to Grow Your Email List…

June 15, 2016 Email 0


Email marketing is a proven method for building long-term relationships; but with emails largely restricted to your existing customer list, reaching a wider target audience using emails could somehow be a challenging task.

To increase reach, Digital Marketers need to constantly update their database and add fresh contacts to their lists. But coming up with new tactics to get people to sign up for your emails isn’t always easy! Here are few simple tactics to help attract new contacts and take your email marketing to the next level.

1- Make your sign up form prominent and impossible to miss on your webpage. Ideally you can either place it visible on top section of your main page with a strong call to action, or even take it to another level by including pop ups and popovers.

2- Use a very short and simple Sign up form for your visitors to easily subscribe and make the reason to sign up crystal clear! Get in the shoes of your visitors and think “What’s in this for me?” if you can’t find a reason, then clearly they won’t.

3- Create outstanding email content! To keep people subscribed on your list your content needs to be of value to them. Having valuable content will not only help keep you existing subscribers, but also incentivize them to forward it to their friends, family, and colleagues that aren’t already on your email list.

4- Leverage the power of Social Media. Add an email Sign Up form as a custom tab on your Facebook page, promote the sign up form through other channels as twitter, Google+ etc or even capture emails with YouTube videos,use annotations in your videos.

5- Create an Incentive to sign up…maybe Run an exiting promotion or contest and ask entrants to register for participation with their email address. The contest can either provide a prize or simply just recognition for their participation.

6- Encourage your current email subscribers to share and forward your emails by including social sharing buttons and an “Email to a Friend” button. Also make sure you Include a “Subscribe” link at the bottom of your emails so that those receiving the forwarded emails can easily sign up as well.

7- Host Webinars to gain subscriber…A webinar is an online seminar and can be a very effective way to burst your email list into life. Using a service like GoToWebinar, you can run your own or invite a guest and build that list by offering a free webinar to your audience.

There are certain marketing trends that will come and go, but when the dust settles Email Marketing will still be King! Make sure you stay ahead of the game and continue on growing your email lists.