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Cross Channel Advertising: Target your Email list with Facebook Ads

May 20, 2014 Email Social Media 0


Over the years, Facebook has managed to introduce multiple targeting features that have helped advertisers drill down the audience for their ads. Advertisers have gained a lot more control over their ads with plenty of targeting options such as age, gender, location, behavior, interest…you name it!

All these targeting options seem amazing features to help you reach the right audience, But What if you could reach your existing customers while they’re on Facebook? What if there is a possibility to integrate both your Email and Facebook together and put them to work for you?!

Instead of agonizing over location, interests, status, or workplace in an effort to reach your ideal audience, you can simply do cross channel marketing and create Facebook ad campaigns that simply targets your existing email subscribers!

All you need to do now is simply to upload your existing email customer list to Facebook and create a customer target audience for your Ads! Here’s a simple way on how to do it…

STEP 1 – Download your email database list, ideally as a CSV file.

STEP 2 – Create a Custom Audience on facebook

To create a Custom Audience, go to your Ads Manager and click on “Audiences” and then click “Create Audience”. Choose the type of audience you want to create on Facebook, it can be either from uploading the file downloaded or straight from MailChimp if you are using that service provider.

custom audience

After Selecting the Custom Audience, name and describe your audience. You’ll want it to be something descriptive so you’ll know what it is later.

Finally, you’ll upload your file that has your list of customers on it. The “Source” is your CSV file, click on “Choose file” and locate it. Once you do that, click on “Create Audience.”

create audience on facebook

After going through the above steps, you’ll wait for Facebook to match the data with its personal profiles and you’ll get a notification when it’s done. As soon as your Custom Audience is ready, it’s time to put it to use!

One thing to consider though, is that in many cases the email addresses will not match as people use more than one email address, so it would be a good thing to keep an eye on how many records Facebook was able to match from your list.