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Responsive design to uplift your email click through rates!

March 30, 2014 Email 0
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The way your customers read their mail has drastically changed with the introduction of smart phones and tablets in the last couple of years. According to Litmus, an average of 40% of all emails is now being read on mobile, a number that is not very surprising except for the rate at which it is rising; data from Litmus shows us that this percentage is up by around 38% in the last year. As a result of this change, a lot of businesses are considering responsive design and responsive email design has been growing steadily in popularity.

A responsive email adapts the design to the screen on which it is displayed. So whether you are on your desktop, tablet or phone, responsive design is set to provide you with an optimal experience regardless of the device you are using to read your emails.

Consider an email designed for the desktop with six navigation buttons and a big range of products/banners; having to view this on a large screen desktop might be a great user experience, but it is definitely a hassle for the phone or tablet users who are trying to go through the email with a thumb or index finger. With responsive design, this same email will change dynamically based on the screen where the content could be easily found, read and clicked.

responsive email

Optimizing emails to responsive design makes an email easier to read and contributes to a much better customer’s experience. Through testing responsive design against original layout, a lot of businesses have seen major improvement and overall uplift on their click through rates and opens. With CareerBuilder, for example, recent studies proved that by implementing Mobile optimization techniques, they’ve managed to drive an impressive surge in their clicks with a 21-24% increase in their CTR.

It’s becoming very clear that the desktop experience as it relates to email is somehow becoming more obsolete day by day. With the pattern and trend for emails going more mobile, it is very crucial that Responsive email design should be on the top priorities of your email optimization strategies.