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Irresistible Subject lines that won’t be ignored!

March 1, 2014 Email 0


Think of a subject line as your outer envelope, if you don’t entice your reader to discover what’s inside, they’ll never see your pitch. One of the best ways to maximize the response to your emails over time is to place familiar and motivating information into every email subject line and header you send out. That might be easier said than done to be fair. For some marketers, consistently coming up with catchy subject lines that prompt audience to open the email could sometimes be a tough job. Most email programs display only 30 to 50 characters of the subject line giving them a limited amount of text to get their point across.

I wish I could tell you that somewhere out there is THAT perfect subject line, one that could send your open-rates skyrocketing and make your un-subscribes and spam reports something of the past, but I can’t.

Having said that though, I can tell you there are few tips to consider when busting your brains trying to create THAT perfect subject line!

  • Create a sense of urgency!

 People are more likely to act when they feel a sense of urgency! Using urgency to invigorate your customer base is proven to be very helpful especially when you’re running a promotion, sale, or simply driving traffic to an upcoming event. In that case for example, the impact on open rate between using a subject line like: Spring Clearance sales starts next week” or “Only 2 days to go for spring clearance, better be ready” can be very big.

  • Include Value Words and Numbers.

There are so many competitors out there! Standing out of the crowd and showing the value you are providing to your customers can be the key to get their attention. So if you got a 50% sale or a £5 voucher code you’ve got to offer, include it. Also, people tend to respond good to numbers…Numbers stop the eye and boost open rates!

  • Tease them whenever you can!

Teasers can also be very helpful, I mean let’s be honest we people love being TEASED! Having ” Our Spring collections just landed…we think you’ll love it” is far more prompting than having “Our spring collection is now in stock”.

  • Identify yourself and Don’t forget “From” line testing

After all, what do you look at first when peeking at your inbox? The most intriguing thing about that email should be that it’s from you. Either make it crystal clear by smart use of your “From” field, or start every subject line with a consistent identifier.

  • Last, be sure to Test, Test and Test! 

Continuous A/B testing is the key to mastering the art of creating a perfect subject line and understanding what actually triggers your customers to open that email sitting in their inbox. Make sure to run some split A/B testing by sending the same email with different subject lines to determine which subject line results in the highest open rate.